Are you Sad?

Are you suffering from S.A.D then? I ask the question because I have been low for weeks now.

Is it really the weather? Or a lack of fresh vegetables?

If I take in the sun by going away to a hot sunny land am I masking the real problem?

What would that problem be?

The problem is losing the ability to ‘Always look on the bright side of life!’

And I use excuses like:
Lack of sun
Lack of nutrients
A poor diet

To be the reasons why I have lost the ability to look on the bright side of life.

I wonder if an input of sun, sea and sangria or nutrients actually masks the real cause.

I think the real cause is giving in to negative thoughts and not concentrating on positive thoughts.

I see the sun and good eating as positive and I listen when I am told I have eaten badly over christmas and the lack of sun is causing my depression. But is it? I don’t eat that badly over christmas because the food I have to eat is relatively healthy. And I wouldn’t mind betting that the majority of us don’t eat that badly.

I really believe that the root cause is giving into negativity. So don’t give into thoughts and news reports about the weather or SAD statistics or POOR diet reports.

It is an act of will to think positive.

So next time you feel fed up, write a list of all the positive stuff going on in your life and then write another list of all the positive things you can get on with. Then banish those negative thoughts by reading your positive lists. Then see if your depression lifts despite the weather or food you are consuming.

Right I’m off to paint the bathroom!

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