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We all know we should be changing our toothbrushes regularly.

Don’t we?

Even though regular can mean once a day or once a year, how often do you change yours?

What we also know – don’t we? – is that nasty, smelly, gremlin bacteria love warm, damp environments to multiply happily in …

… and isn’t a bathroom such a lovely, nice, warm, damp environment?

What we also know – we should if we don’t! – is that our mouths are full of nasty, smelly, gremlin bacteria on a daily basis.

However what you may not know is that if you have blood in your mouth then you have an infection and you should know what that means!

More nasty, smelly, gremlin bacteria piled high on your toothbrush.

Multiplying happily on your toothbrush in your nice, warm, damp bathroom for hours while it waits patiently to be put in your mouth again.



A new toothbrush?


A new toothbrush for each cleanse?


A small pot of water (about 100 mls) with four drops of tea-tree.

So simple.

Just put the brush head down in the solution after you have rinsed it each time you clean your teeth. Change the solution each time you clean your teeth.

Not difficult.

Even better …

… before cleaning your teeth, prepare the pot with fresh water and tea-tree. Clean your teeth. Rinse the toothbrush. If you suspect an infection take a slurp of the tea-tree water and rinse around your mouth, gargle and spit it out. Put the brush head down in the remaining water making sure the whole head is covered.

Nice clean mouth. Nice clean toothbrush. No more nasty, smelly, gremlin bacteria.

Then, perhaps, you can leave it a year before you change your toothbrush!!

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