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Talk about detox diets!!

I have always thought that diets were a joke. The word diet literally means good food. Now that isn’t a joke, that is what our diet should be – good food.

Our very own bodies are designed to detox themselves! That is the point for the liver, kidneys, guts, bladder, immune system!

If we overload our bodies with difficult to assimulate food, then they will not detox adequately over a short period of time.

Foods that require heavy digestion and assimilation are proteins and carbohydrates in the form of red meat, white flours and alcohol.

So reduce them and let your bodies do the detox work. Dilute toxins with water and drink as much as you can per day. Include wholegrain foods to get the bran which helps flush out the colon which in turn aids detoxification.

Iwrote this last year and the advice is still the same:
Detox diets

Simply do a SWAP!
Swap crisps and snacks for raw apples and carrots
Swap pies and bread for salads
Swap fish and chips for fresh tuna and roasted vegetables
Swap cocoa-cola and fizzy drinks for water
Swap cooking oils and margarines for butter and olive oil

Eat good fats – olive oil, fish oils, evening primrose oil
Cut out bad fats – margarines, hard cheese (oh well eat a little if you must!!), cooking oils

Remember fat doesn’t make you fat.
Fast releasing carbohydrates make you fat.

Fast releasing carbohydrates are sugars, white flours, these are stored in the body as fat.

Margarines (vegetable oil is runny so how come it is solid in a margarine?) and cooking oils (the GLA has been taken out and some of the Vitamin E) are not natural as something has been done to them before the consumer gets them – these have an unbalancing effect in the body and cause a heap of health concerns.

Reduce alcohol to one glass of wine a day if you are a heavy consumer or to one a week if you are a moderate drinker.

Reduce red meat

Reduce chocolate
Cut out sweets and sugar

You may like to take a supplement to support the liver and aid its function – Milk Thistle while you are aiming to lose weight.

And don’t forget to swap the settee and TV for a walk every day.

It isn’t difficult to change just different. Be different.

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