Bottled Water

Did you know that as soon as you take a sip from your bottle of water, bacteria from you gets into the water?

Illustration of a bottle of water under a microscope

This isn’t too much of a problem when you are drinking from that bottle during that day. The problems start when you leave that bottle of water you have drunk from and take a swig from it a few days later. The bacteria have multiplied and unlike when living in your body the bacteria is controlled, in the water there is no control as such and so there in the water is the potential to make you ill. A lovely cold soup of germs.

I left a bottle of water by my bedside on one of my visits to Spain and yes of-course the hot weather makes any bacteria spread quicker. This bottle of water had been used for one night and forgotten and it was a few days later that I picked it up and noticed this foul smell! Euckkkk!

I know society goes on about our obsession for hygiene weakening our systems but even in the middle ages, they drank from FRESH streams of water.

Florence Nightingale was a stickler for carbolic and scrubbing and boiling and no sitting on beds!! I think that in this press button world and the ‘I want it and I want it NOW!’ attitude is ignoring basic hygiene standards.

One thought on “Bottled Water

  1. Liked the bottled water info. I told my friend about it and he said that he is always drinking 2 day old water from glasses etc.

    He won’t any more!

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