Aussie Diet

Thursday 6th October 2005. I have just listened to Breakfast TV this morning and Patrick Holford commenting on the Aussie diet.

The Aussie Diet tells you that eating 300g of protein a day is good along with consuming fresh fruit and vegetables and cutting out or reducing carbs.

Sources of Protein

Patrick Holford saying that the backing behind the Aussie Diet is a dept equivalent to the Meat Insititute in Australia so no wonder they advocated eating more meat. Patrick Holford then went on to say that 80g of protein a day was enough.

But what is 300g of protein? A pack of butter is 250g or 8 ozs. Is that really too much protein to consume in a day because it doesn’t seem too much to me? Not when I add up the nuts for breakfast, the eggs for lunch and the tuna in the evening (all served with fruit, salad or veg, I may add).

I have to say I am so bored with all the fad diets. We are such a load of sheep that we have to motivated to eat healthily by a NEW! Innovative! Diet!

As Patrick Holford said and I have always said, it is not fat that you have to worry about when trying to lose weight but SUGARS. SUGAR when not used by the body is stored as FAT. SUGAR is found in refined flours that means anything made with finely ground flour so that means cakes, biscuits, fruit bars, pastries, pies, pasta. SUGAR is also found in alcohol and dried fruits and of-course sweets and puddings.
The problem with high protein eating is that it messes up the kidneys. Protein takes a long time to digest so it can putrify in the gut. Especially if not enough roughage from vegetables is consumed to aid the digestive process and passage of matter through the gut.

Any comments?

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