Why are there adverts on this site?

I have asked for adverts to be placed on this site that are relevant to the article content, because every time anyone clicks on one of the adverts I earn a tiny proportion of money. In this way I get paid for the articles I write and you the reader gets free information and free referencing and free entertainment, I hope, especially if you have enjoyed the article.

Is this why I wanted this website? No actually it wasn’t. My children, their friends and my friends and family have enjoyed my wisdom over the years and one of my son’s friends coined the term Ole Ma Clarke when referring to me because of the health advice. Now I find myself incapacitated with ME and a huge loss of income, this website was the brainchild of my son and a way in which I could improve my income. However the whole point of this site is to help people and that is the aim. I apologise to anyone who feels they may have been used for monetary purposes but it is only us english who still feel that being seen to earn an income and ask for money is socially obscene. Any person from any other country would applaud one for their entrepreneurial skills. I hope I haven’t offended anyone and please continue to peruse this site.

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