Britain is GREAT!

In the light of the London bombings and the huge Muslim community and the Pakistan Prime Minister telling us that we are too soft with terrorists I would like to see a British Policy. A policy that says to those who want to live in our dear land what it is to be British and to live in Britain.

I lived in Spain for a while and my sister and brother and their respective families are still there. We wanted to intergrate with the Spanish. I didn’t want to lose my British identity but I wanted to live life the spanish way. I think it is terrible that Spain has lost the pesata. I loved pesatas and hearing the elderly spanish still speaking about duros (a five pesata piece).

What is the British way? What is British Culture?
Red telephone boxes and Red Pillar post boxes – they need re-introducing. Our British pound sterling and our pounds and ounces. Is it possible to have a business currency ie the euro and keep the sterling, franc, lire and pesata as a domestic currency?

Our beautiful countryside really needs promotion as it is outstanding! Our fabulous coastline and beaches. And yes our refreshing drizzly rain! (It gets so hot in Spain where my family live that you have to stay indoors to keep out of it!) Our wonderful fauna and flora.

I am so proud to be British. Our love of animals. Our passion against cruelty to anyone and any animal. Our defiance against the perpertrator. Winston Churchill’s speech ‘We will fight them on the beaches etc … ’ Our sports. Our FOOD (yeah, Right! President Chirac!) and huge clutch of top innovative chefs. Our warm cuddly pubs. Our villages with so much character. Our friendly helpful natures. Our really cheap shops and our really expensive ones. Our Mansions and Castles and the National Trust. Our picnics in the park. Our poets, our writers – Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and Wordsworth. Our theatres and plays and I love our English language! Our radio programmes – Radio 4! The Archers!

I would like to see a whole TV channel devoted to things British, to promote Britain to the world.

Who will introduce a British Policy?

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