Vitamin D therapy – What does the team think …

… about Vitamin D? Also click here and here for reasons why Vitamin D is essential!

If you can believe the Marshall Protocol, in ME people, the immune system having been bombarded with bacteria, hasn’t coped. This has resulted in the bacteria reforming as bacteria cells without walls (which are difficult to kill) so Dr Marshall (not an MD or GP but a scientist) has suggested living a life that denies the newly formed bacteria its life force which in this case is Vit D. Interestingly if you click on to the Marshall Protocol website you will find it difficult to gain information because you have to register first. Which I am always suspicious of, I mean why make it difficult for people to read about your discoveries, why have a website in the first place?

I think that living such a restricted lifestyle for a long unspecified period of time (sunglasses, darkened rooms, no food that contains Vit D, no sitting in the light never mind the sun) is really quite dodgy if not dangerous. Has no-one heard of Rickets? Osteoporosis? What else? And for what? A hoped for cure from ME, but what will it leave you with? Will the final end justify the means?

This ‘cure’ for ME could result in other very distressing diseases because of the lack of Vitamin D.

Rickets is caused by a lack of calcium, and to absorb calcium you need Vitamin D.

Osteoporosis is caused by calcium being leached from the bones generally because of hormonal imbalances, a lack of Vitamin D has the potential to be very harmful in this situation as it is needed to utilise calcium.

Vitamin D is also involved in many other functions of the body and a lack, and in the Marshall Protocol a total lack, could be extremely debilitating.

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  1. I’ve avoided Vitamin D for the last 2.5 years and haven’t felt this good in decades. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, others who are recovering from debilitating diseases following Marshall’s science and huge discoveries. Sorry, but your understanding of Vitamin D metabolism is outdated. Read Marshall’s papers and listen to and view his conference videos. And listen to patients on the protocol. Low Vitamin D levels are being reported everywhere, people have been ingesting more Vitamin D than ever (with all the supplements and fortification in the food chain) and still, chronic disease is on the rise. Think about it….

  2. Hola my friend,
    With respect perhaps it would help you to understand why NOT taking Vit D supplements has helped you, if you read the links above again? Click on the ‘click here’ link and go to the ‘history’ tab. You will learn that the ‘D’ in the skin is a FAT called 7-dehydrocholesterol and is not Vit D but the precursor to Vit D and part of the hormonal sequence that gets played out in the body when the body makes its own Vit D.
    I originally wrote the article when I heard of someone staying in a darkened room and keeping out of the sunlight. I was horrified and concerned about that person and frustrated that anyone should listen to such advice to stay out of the daylight and live in a darkened room.
    The ‘stuff’ we need in our skins that is activated by sunlight is not Vit D.
    So perhaps we are saying the same thing that supplements of Vit D are not what anyone needs.
    We do need the ‘stuff’ that makes a substance that helps calcium work and I don’t believe we get that substance from supplements.
    I believe we get it from oily fish and animal fat.
    The fad to avoid animal fat is bad health advice as that fat contains many substances our bodies need.
    Animal fat is not a cause of bad cholesterol and bad health.
    Bad cholesterol in the body is caused by an absence of good cholesterol, an absence of an amino acid (from protein) and an absence of minerals and vitamins in other words good quality fish, meat, vegetables and fruits. Bad cholesterol’s main cause is the increase of the consumption of refined carbohydrates.

    The point I was trying to make in the article above was the bad advice to avoid Vit D from our food and from the daylight or sunlight.
    We need the type of ‘stuff’ that is produced in the skin by the sunlight. We need the type of ‘stuff’ that is found in animals and fish.
    That type of ‘stuff’ is 7-dehydrocholesterol a precursor to vitamin D in other words the body makes its own Vitamin D from 7-dehydrocholesterol so therefore we do not need to take supplements but do need to go out into the daylight and eat oily fish and animal fat.

    Perhaps this is why low vitamin D levels are being reported everywhere – because of the lack of going out into the daylight, wearing sunglasses and the practice of not eating a little animal fat and gristle when we eat meat.
    I am very pleased for you that you are feeling so well. That is very good news!

  3. Everyone on the Marshall Protocol who has recovered or is recovering (a far greater percentage than any other known treatment) has had to eliminate Vitamin D from their diet. Most have had to reduce light exposure in order to be able to recover and avoid flare-ups of their symptoms as most people with Th1 inflammatory disease have light sensitivity to some degree. Minimizing light exposure is not required to attain recovery but to avoid the uncomfortable increase in symptoms – it’s inevitable. People who’ve not restricted light exposure and have simply followed the medications have not been able to recover. The darkness required is exaggerated – soft interior lights don’t hinder recovery and covering up outdoors is only required for as long as one’s disease is in control. Low Vitamin D levels are increasingly being reported, people are taking in more Vitamin D than ever (and remember we are the “bikini” generation) and more people are getting sick. It doesn’t add up. It’s time to rethink old theories as they are not accurate. Reported low Vitamin D levels are not the cause of disease – they’re the result of disease.

    Vitamin D metabolism:

    Successes one cannot and should not ignore:

    Light sensitivity issues:

    Best regards.

  4. Your Trevor Marshall seems to be missing a very valuable point.

    Nature itself.

    Nature not anything else but a totally natural occurance, since our creation or if you believe otherwise our evolution.

    It is because of a natural occurance between the sun on the skin that a process begins in the body and eventually produces a substance now confusingly called vitamin D.

    Low levels of vitamin D may be the result of disease but it does not make it the cause.

    It also therefore makes complete nonsense of reducing the ability of the body to make vitamin D even further as in the Marshall Protocol.

    Just as low levels of energy are the result of disease, energy will not cause disease.

    Get to know Vitamin D Evolving Wellness

    Ricketts was cured by the sun on the skin of the children or the animals and that it was proved that lactating goats kept out of the daylight lost their skeletal calcium. See: Beyond Discovery

    I can accept that we do not need the supplement of Vitamin D as this involves a difficult process through the body before it can be used.

    I cannot accept that we should avoid foods that contain the precursor to Vitamin D ie fats. And I cannot accept that we should avoid the sunlight.

    I notice that the Marshall Protocol only works if drugs are being taken.
    So who are the money men behind the Marshall Protocol? Has Trevor Marshall earned so little money from his studies that he has to make it selling drugs through a complicated protocol?

    Interestingly for the process of sun on our skin to work properly we need cholesterol and maybe it is the lack of cholesterol that is causing disease? As it is required for the sun to react and convert to 7-dehydrocholesterol that is then absorbed to begin the process of Vitamin D which interestingly enough the end result is called Calcitriol. Calcitriol is a steroid hormone see: Calcitriol

    In this bikini generation as you term it, perhaps it is the sunscreens blocking the action of sun on our skins that is the cause of disease?

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