Citricidal and CFS/ME

Before reading this article, read this one first: Citricidal or grapefruit seed extract don’t touch it with a barge pole

So where you read Citricidal read Olive Leaf extract or Kyolic garlic.

Just recently I have introduced two products into my regime for getting-better-from-CFS/ME.

The first is Evening Primrose Oil

and the second is Citricidal now replaced by Kyolic garlic

The effects of taking the Citricidal are:
Better digestion
Less bowel gas
More control of the bladder
Less aches and pains
Less consumption of pain killers
Kyolic garlic or olive leaf extract gives the same effects.

However with taking any antibiotic product whether it is ‘natural’ or medicational, remember that it has the potential to kill the good bacteria, as well as the bad, as well as the virus!
Therefore when taking a anti-viral/anti-bacterial/anti-fungal product always:
Take the product two hours before eating or two hours after eating
Eat plenty of fruit and veg to create an environment in your gut for good bacteria to thrive
Perhaps supplement with a ‘friendly’ bacteria product, although you will see from this article about Gut Flora and good or bad bacteria that I don’t rate them very highly.
Avoid sugar or sweet subsititutes like honey or agave syrup as this feeds the yeast candida – Candida Albicans. However if you have to have something sweet like my Gluten free, dairy free, sugar free cake then take a dose of Citricidal (now take olove leaf or kyolic garlic) before you go to bed and that will kill the build up of yeast feeding off the sugar in your gut.

Colloidal Silver is another anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal product but I haven’t carried out sufficient experimentation on myself to prove the following, but I find that Citricidal is more efficient for upset stomachs and gut bloating and killing off the candida albicans than the colloidal silver. I have found that Colloidal silver is brilliant for sore throats, ear infections and localised concerns. Tea-tree is excellent for fungal infections for example athlete’s foot. Aloe Vera is another anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal product but better in a soothing, balancing, restorative way.

The effects of taking Evening Primrose are:
An inner source of energy and enthusiasm
Better thinking
Better mood: Less downs
Periods of Highs (very nice but I can forget to pace and then I can’t get down to sleep at night.)
An ability to get away with eating some of the foods I am intolerant to. (I think, the jury is still out on this but the suspicion is strong – will let you know!)

There is a tendancy to do too much while feeling ‘good’, ‘enthusiastic’, and I have crashed stunningly in the last three weeks but the ‘crash’ is different. It is more ‘acute’ than ‘chronic’.
It consists of:
Sudden and total exhaustion and a desperate need to lie down Not being able to walk the following day until I did the Stretch routine
No awful I’m-really-going-to-die-today heart palpitations
No tremendous flu-like aches and pains

And the crash lasts about a day or two (acute) after more vigorous activity like shopping with my sisters for 3 or 4 hours! unlike weeks of previous crashes (chronic) after only climbing the stairs or taking a shower as I was before Evening Primrose Oil.

I am in week 3 of taking the Evening Primrose Oil so I will keep this site updated of any new developments.

I was taking a supplement with fish oils and starflower oils – Essential Omegas by Higher Nature and these were my turning point 2 years ago from being an exhausted-at-last-someone-has-told-me-I’m-ill-so-now-I-can-die-in-the-peace-and-comfort-of-my-warm-bed to being able to do at least 2 hours of paced ‘work’ on the laptop by lying down with the laptop on my lap. They didn’t stop the pain in my spine from my neck to my coccyx but I was able to think clearer provided I paced myself very carefully.

Now I have substituted the Starflower oil with Evening Primrose Oil and the effects on energy, thinking, menapausal, enthusiasm, mood are, I think, phenomenal!
Sept 06 update – evening primrose still helping and I am feeling better and better. I am able to cope with things that I haven’t been able to cope with in the last 4 years or so. But I do still get tired and do still have to rest and do still have ad days. But on my good days I can do far more than I have before.

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