Coast of Princesshay Exeter

I have just bought a gorgeous outfit.

And I didn’t get it online.

I could have done.   It would have saved me petrol and car-parking and foot slog.

I left the store with a beautifully wrapped outfit in a pretty bag and a large smile on my face.

What had made the purchase so valuable and enjoyable was the personal service of the store.

You cannot get that online.

I was helped in my decision, by staff who understand sizes, the costs were considered and the fitting room available, light and roomy.

The other assistants turned and smiled and chatted to me.

You cannot get that online.

Good personal service is the key to a good off-line shopping experience whether you are buying clothes, white goods or eating out.

You cannot get this online.

Bring back the Old-Fashioned Stores of yesteryear – kindly words, smiles and personally wrapped parcels.

Coast of Princesshay Exeter offer this.

Thank you so very much you made my day.

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