Dark Chocolate

It was such good news when I heard that chocolate is good for you.

But I did reason that it is the cocoa powder that is good for you rather than the chocolate sweets and bars that are produced. Because these contain sugar and some undesirable additives in some cases.

Most chocolate sweets have an emulsifier called lecithin and this is generally from soya and if you have been reading this website – soya is bad for you!

So make your own. The mantra of this website!!! Make your own.

You can use cocoa butter as the fat to bind it all together and because it is made from cocoa this will also contain antioxidants and important minerals.

I have used unrefined sunflower oil or even olive oil to bind.

I use honey as the sweetner or unrefined demarara sugar.

And then of-course an organic cocoa powder.

Yum Yum

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