Healthy advice?

My husband directed me to this article in the Daily Mail They were healthier than us and lived longer …

After writing the article Are you allergen free? it occurred to me that our diet is so inefficient.

The government get it so wrong; one wonders who their health advisors really are and where they get their information from and what the money is behind their advice? And why the government were worried about salt with their slug campaign I do not know. What prompted that! It is additives and preservatives I think that are the cause of blood pressure problems.

The five a day of fruit and veg doesn’t even touch the surface.

We need meat. Not only meat but meat with gristle and fat. As they used to in the good old days.

We need UNrefined foods. The refined foods heavily challenge our liver.

Our diet should be mainly meat and veg with just one slice of whole-grain bread a day made without additives and preservatives.

But it isn’t.

Our diet is mainly refined bread about 6 slices a day. Plus pies, cakes and biscuits made with more refined grains.

Then to add insult to injury we plaster our bread with spreads that are such a huge health risk they should be banned.

And then our diet is chocker full of refined sugar.

Refining things takes most of the nutrients out of the food. So effectively we are eating ineffective nutrient-empty rubbish.

And to cap it all, the refined foods we eat that are so bad for us are also full of strange substances our bodies don’t recognise called Additives and Preservatives which further puts pressure on the body’s systems causing ill-health or a break-down in those organs or systems.

We are poisoning ourselves. It is no wonder we are ill with cancers, arthritis and other diseases.

But the government don’t seem to be particularly concerned about their poor health advice perhaps because of the revenue made by the drug companies selling their medicinal drugs that keep people from getting better because those people don’t seek the healthy truth. And now there is evidence that some medications don’t work! Statins for example.

According to the article in the Daily Mail in about 1850 the people then ate more than we do now.

So what should we be eating?

Organic meat, organic cheese without the ‘organic’ additives, organic milk and eggs 3 to 4 times a day.
Fresh fruit and veg at least 4 portions a day from the whole fruit or veg. Smoothies may be nice but they don’t contain enough of the plant whether it is fruit or veg in the drink.
Grains, nuts and seeds at least one handful a day.


Sugar is OK as long as it is UNrefined and in moderation.
Chocolate is OK as long as it has NO Soya lecithin and the sugar is unrefined.

ORGANIC MILK is SO GOOD FOR YOU! It is a complete 1st Class protein plus containing stacks of other nutrients from calcium to biotin and loads of others.

This is an interesting article about the benefits of organic milk The Soil Association and Organic milk that shows that it is the non-organic milk that is the cause of eczema in children and when fed organic milk the eczema disappeared. Which goes to show that the rubbish the non-organic cows are fed along with hormone enhancers and all the other awful stuff is the cause of poor health and not milk itself.

So drink milk, especially Organic milk because the cows will have been fed good food rather than the terrible diet that non-organic cows have. I am waiting for a response from The OMSCO website and as soon as I get a response I will let this article know.

i know that many people are allergic to milk but that doesn’t make it a bad food. The allergy could stem from a lack of fresh meat protein in the diet and a lack of calcium, magnesium and zinc.

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  1. Good to hear backup for my practice of having organic milk which I make into yoghurt and also have it as milk with cereal – though i do have soya milk with calcium in the rest of the time. organic milk’s meant to be less bad for you than non-organic re breast cancer too – ref Jane Plant’s the Plant diet book.

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