All articles written by me are my thoughts unless I am quoting from another author and then that is stated. The thoughts have been generated by my experiences, my studies and my research.

I am not a professional nutritionist, biologist, scientist or researcher. My profession is massage therapy and associated therapies already mentioned in my introduction.

I am fully insured my professional body is NAMMT and FHT

The reason I wanted to share my thoughts is because of all the questions I continually get asked concerning christianity, health and my interests. I thought I would publish my articles and refer patients and friends to the website which also provides links for their own further reading and research.

There is no intention to mislead. I hope that I am as accurate as possible with my information and I ask the reader to check it out for themselves and to always consult a GP if they have any concerns about their own health.
I cannot accept any responsibility for damage arising as a result of readers accessing this website and the information therein.

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