Eat to beat fatigue

Jane Harries asked me to advertise her cook book on my website. The cook book is not very expensive and it is to raise funds for ME research and Action for ME. I have not seen the cook book yet as I am waiting for my copy, but knowing Jane’s excellent website and her lovely paintings I am sure it is very good indeed. The book itself is selling like ‘hot cakes’ and Jane has had to enlist help to send all the copies off. So don’t delay in getting your cook book as soon as possible. I wish Jane loads of success in the launch of her cook book for ME.

The following is from Jane’s press release:

A Northamptonshire resident with the disabling illness ME has produced a cookbook in aid of ?Action for ME?, the campaigning charity which was largely the force behind the government?s new recognition of ME/chronic fatigue syndrome as a serious physical illness.

The book is called ?Eat to Beat Fatigue? and in addition to recipes, gives labour-saving tips on shopping, kitchen equipment, cooking and also on foods that can help give you energy. It will be on sale from May 9th, which is the start of ME Awareness Week.

The author Jane Harries said, ?It?s for people who are too tired to cook elaborate meals, but don?t want to live all the time on ready meals either ? whether they?re ill, or just tired after work.?

Eat to beat fatigue by Jane Harries

Approved by a qualified nutritionist, the recipes were created people with ME and also by famous cooks such as Delia Smith, Ainsley Harriott and Nigel Slater. Each recipe is graded according to the level of energy required. There are also lists of ?no-effort? meal ideas, portable food and substitutes for products containing wheat, dairy and sugar, for those who are sensitive to these foods. The appendices are a mine of information about organic and speciality food suppliers and further reading.

?I chose recipes that were quick and easy to cook, didn?t require expensive ingredients, and recipes that need not contain wheat, dairy products or sugar, as these are the foods that most commonly cause fatigue in some people,? Jane said.

If you?d like to order a copy, please send a cheque payable to AJ Harries, to this address: 1 Highbridge Rd, Wappenham, Northants. NN12 8SL. Any queries, call 01327 860350 after 10am or email Copies cost ?5.49 each, including postage and packing.

For more information on Action for ME call 0845 123 2380 or visit their website at

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