Natural Antiseptic

Natural Antiseptics are: Tea tree (used neat), Colloidal Silver and Grapefruit Seed Extract. These all have antiseptic, antibiotic and antifungal properties.

Tea Tree (neat)
A friend of mine who works in a lab grazed her knee which eventually went slightly septic. She applied neat tea tree and then took a swab of the graze and found it to be totally clean and germ free. Neat tea tree is excellent for athlete’s foot and toe nail infections. Do not use neat tea tree on sensitive, elderly or very young skins. In these cases blend two drops of tea tree to 10 mls of olive oil.

Colloidal Silver
Silver has long been used as an antibacterial product. In pioneering times a silver dollar was left in a mug of milk for an hour or so and then the milk was drunk if someone felt ill. The practice stopped unfortunately when dollars were no longer made of silver. Colloidal means that the silver is suspended in pure water equally. I use colloidal silver if my lips are sore and it clears them up straight away or I put it in my ears when they are itchy or feel inflammed and they are better the next morning. Colloidal silver does not interfere with any medication.

Grapefruit seed extract
The brand name I use is called Citrocidal and I buy mine from Higher Nature. I use citrocidal if I have a stomach upset and feel sick or an upset colon. You must dilute citrocidal with water or fruit juice. Never use it neat, it will burn the skin.

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