Essential information for everyone about Calcium.

Two articles that everyone MUST read.

I know that most if not all articles from me are ME-CFS based, this time although ME-CFS is a focus, the information contained within these two articles is also ‘all-illness focused’ including high blood pressure, colitis and arthritis.

The role of calcium cannot be ignored and would appear to be, from the article Calcium and ME-CFS (please see the Paper copied into the article from the US Wellness Meats and I quote a portion from it below) about Calcium, so essential that I don’t understand why its role has not been in the forefront of GP’s, Consultant’s and Specialist’s minds when patients go to see them.

I know it has been a miracle supplement for me and my symptoms. Read the Calcium and ME-CFS article it is fascinating and illuminating for everyone.

“It would
take 32 glasses of alkaline water at an alkaline pH of 9 to neutralize the acid from
one 12 oz. cola or soda. Drinking a cola or soda, the body will use up reserves of
its own stored alkaline buffers, mainly calcium from the bones and DNA, to raise
the body?s alkalinity levels, especially to maintain proper blood alkaline pH levels.
Acidic levels cause death, and there are enough acids in one soda to kill if there
is no mechanism to neutralize them.”

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