Natural Cures for Ulcerative Colitis and others?

I have just read about David Klein who found a CURE for his ulcerative colitis: click on: Colitis-Crohns

David Klein PhD who set up the website Colitis-Crohns gives an account of his journey back to full health and is now the world’s top IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease) health recovery counsellor. Also see another website Living Nutrition full of information on how to be and stay well.

It set me thinking. I know that these days we all seem to be searching for the Utopia of health.

But actually I am not. What frustrates me is that most CURES can be found in nature, we have forgotten to look for them.

Most disease states in this day and age are caused by modern manufacturing methods. We have forgotten what is natural and what isn’t.

Then there are the medical drugs which appear to help but mainly seem to keep the body in its disease state and sometimes make the condition worse.

The aim of this article is to show you that you can be well by eating well. The Natural Guide

Ulcerative colitis and all Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) if you read the blurb tells you that medical science doesn’t know what causes it and so there is no cure. Their hope is that it can be controlled by drugs. See NHS Direct#

Why don’t the Medical Profession know what causes IBD? They study hard enough for their medical degree – so it begs the question what do they learn?

I think that the Medical Profession learn about surgery of which they are extremely skilled and about pharmacology although not to any great depth and if you want to know more about drugs then see a Pharmacist. Doctors do not appear to learn in any great detail about the bits and bobs that make up a human being, its natural chemicals and the foods it needs to survive, so that they can advise us accordingly, if they did know they would tell us surely?

One reason for the cause of ulcerative colitis and any colitis and most illnesses is the body’s unbalanced alkaline/acid state.

Eating too much protein may cause an acid state.
However not eating enough protein is unlikely to cause the opposite, a dangerous alkaline state; although not eating enough protein is another cause of illness.

Alkaline or Acid – both are extreme ends of the scale commonly known as pH; the human body veers naturally to the centre of the the scale, about the 7 mark for most organs, 0 for some areas and nuetral for others. The skin is generally about 5.5. See: Biomedx

The pH scale is numbered 1 to 14. I being acid and 14 being alkaline, both extreme ends are highly corrosive.

However you can see from the simple pH scale above that an acid or alkaline state for a body that veers more towards the central or neutral would be extremely damaging.

So we need to consume a mix of vegetables, fruit and some protein to maintain the balance. Vegetables and fruits contain the minerals that Biomedx mentions in its article about Rust or Rot. Minerals can also be found in meat but in not such a readily available form for the body as meat is more difficult to digest than vegetables.

I am so gobsmacked in this day and age of the number of people I meet who don’t eat vegetables or fruit.

I am gobsmacked on some days when I realise that I have not eaten enough vegetables or fruit myself!

I am gobsmacked on the days when I do eat more vegetables and fruits that I feel so much better!! Doh!

By vegetables I don’t mean just carrots. I mean anything grown in the garden vegetable patch (non-toxic of-course!) which includes healthy herbs, tomatoes, berries, apples, oranges, cherries, strawberries, carrots, cabbages, spring greens, parsnips, fresh green peas, plums, lettuce … the list should be endless.

cheese are all protein foods and therefore acid causing. We need protein but only 4 or 5 ounces of any in the list per day.

How many people only consume foods from the protein list above?

Many, many people do, thinking they are being healthy because they are eating nuts, grains and pulses.

Pulses are a useful source of cheap protein but even that is not quite true. Pulses are 2nd class protein and so don’t contain all the different essential amino-acids (protein is broken down in the body to many different amino acids) that the body essentially MUST have to live. So using just pulses for protein may be the cause of ill-health. The best use of pulses (personally speaking because my husband adores them) is using them for sprouting.
1st class proteins which contain the 8 essential amino acids the body must have are from: meat, fish, eggs and milk.

I personally don’t think that pulses are healthy. They are the most difficult thing for the digestive track to break down, they upset the natural flora in the gut because the digestive processes can’t cope and putrefaction occurs. I believe one should only eat pulses with vegetables and fruits and only small amounts. The fresh vegetables and fresh fruit contain enzymes which aid digestion and therefore the breakdown of the protein in the pulses.

Some vegetarians eat mainly pulses and pasta and so even they are not getting enough of the fresh vegetables the body is crying out for.

By the way pasta is refined carbohydrate and fattening. Refined carbohydrates dissolve in the body and turn into a sugar which is stored in the liver for energy. If the stored energy is not used immediately the liver then moves it and stores it around the body as FAT!

Fresh vegetables and fresh fruit contain not only minerals and vitamins (vitamins from a greek word meaning vital for life) but also carbohydrates for energy. So there is no need to consume pasta or bread or refined carbohydrates for energy if consumption of fresh vegetables and fruit is adequately observed.

David Klein went on a detox diet for 3 days and then ate healthy foods – fresh vegetables and fresh fruit and was healed of his ulcerative colitis within 6 weeks.

His diet before which he had never been told to change was meat and junk food.
This came after 10 years of suffering and taking the prescribed drugs and the threat of removing his colon.

It seems terrible that people are facing have parts of their body removed when a healthy diet may be able to resolve that. See David Klein’s story Colitis-Crohns

A healthy diet can solve a multitude of diseases. However not everyone understands what a healthy diet is.

What it isn’t is manufactured foods and I think these should be banned.

Foods that I think should be banned are:
All manufactured foods ie bread, pies, cakes, biscuits, puddings, pastries, sauces – we should make our own from whole home grown products.
Prepackaged meats like bacon, cold ham, cold beef etc
All margarines and low fat spreads.
All synthetic chemicals put into our foods, they are the most disease causing of all.
All Soya products while ill and when well in very small doses – Soya causes the thyroid to malfunction. The food manufacturing industry has flooded the market with soya and it is in everything.
All artificial sweeteners.
Canadian wheat (UK wheat) because something ‘funny’ was done to it and it now contains more gluten than was naturally present in the grain. Those allergic to wheat can sometimes tolerate French and Spanish flours while not being able to tolerate English wheat products.

A really healthy diet is eating fresh fruit, fresh home grown vegetables, fresh meat, fresh fish, fresh eggs, fresh milk, home made pastries and cakes from good quality grains and produce.

Our daily food should be:

  • Breakfast containing fruit as this kick starts the digestion into action thereby allowing the body to obtain the nutrients successfully from proper digestion throughout the day.
  • Lunch should contain good quality 1st class protein – chicken or fish with lettuce and tomatoes and fruit
  • Supper should be a 4/8ths of the plate as green and red vegetables, 2/8ths of the plate as protein, 2/8ths of the plate as carbohydrate – brown rice or potatoes.

If you are not a vegetable and fruit eater and are trying to introduce more into your diet then:
Don’t eat vegetables you don’t like. Don’t eat fruits you don’t like. There are plenty to choose from so be as fussy as you like and select those you can manage. If it means eating only carrots and peas every day so be it. It is up to you to experiment. Use simple veg like French beans, baby sweetcorn, mange tout, peas, these all require very little preparation, if preparing vegetables puts you off them. Once you start feeling better because of the increase of fruit and vegetables, you will happily experiment and find more vegetables that you thought you’d never eat.


We prepare our vegetables for eating so why don’t we prepare our fruit? I cannot count the times when I have offered apples for eating only to be refused. Then I have cut the apples up into bite sized chunks and put them in a bowl on the table and they have been eaten by the hoards in seconds. Prepare fruit – it is delicious.

Vegetables and fruits provide the digestion with enzymes to digest our food. Apples and pineapples provide enzymes that help digest protein.

In Malaysia fruit is always served after a meal. Not sweet sticky puddings. Fruit. Fruit aids the digestion. It is important.

Have you got the point?

We don’t need to worry about Utopia, we just need to eat the food that God so readily supplies … naturally.

If you are suffering from an IBD illness or any disease then PLEASE consult a fully qualified and trusted practitioner before going on a detox diet or changing your diet. The concern here is that you may stop eating the bad foods and not introduce the good foods so therefore starving yourself and making yourself even more ill. One must eat and one should eat at least three meals a day.

I think that David Klein’s sites Colitis-Crohns
and Living Nutrition warrant a good read. For the sake of your health.

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