Ever heard of Earthing or Grounding Therapy?

This is interesting . . . !

Earthing or Grounding is an Alternative Therapy to encourage health by getting in contact with the ground.  The Earth.  Soil, grass, mud.

Until now, it wasn’t understood why people felt better after walking bare foot on the grass and soil or sleeping outside on the ground: Earthing and Grounding

Now there is some evidence in a blood sample taken before and after: Blood Samples scroll down to the Before and After images of blood samples.

Of-course being in touch with nature is essential to us all because we were made from the earth (dust in the Bible)!  Even Science explains that.  We all love walking barefoot in the sand, lying on the grass, breathing in the fresh air as one wanders through the Wood, listening to the sounds of the sea and birds, feeling the warmth of the sun on our skin and the wind on our faces and in our hair.  Seeing the wonderous colours of nature in the flowers and the birds and the bees.

Is it our sophisticated, modern, lifestyles that has generated the need for a Therapy when it should be so instinctive?   So much for sophistication.  I suppose they are going to tell us next that water is essential for life and we need to expose our skin to natural sunshine for 40 minutes a day.

2 thoughts on “Ever heard of Earthing or Grounding Therapy?

  1. I wouldn’t know and somehow doubt it. Hormones are what stimulates growth and these growth hormones diminish as we get older which is why we reach a certain height and no more. While the growth hormones are active then eating properly and well – calcium, magnesium and proteins and natural freshly grown fruit and veg will help.
    The only effect on height that Grounding Therapy may have is well-being being improved causes the individual to stand up straighter and so improving height.
    I loose 2 inches or more when I am tired and stressed.

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