Fat Mum, skinny daughter

Did you know that there is a food additive that actually encourages the body to put on fat?

What obese or fat people do not understand is that it isn’t good food that makes them fat, but bad food.

There is no addiction to bad food, the body is nutritionally deficient and is seeking good food, hence the constant eating frenzy when the body doesn’t get what it needs and is constantly filled with rubbish.

The brain is good fat and good sugar dependant.  It is the brain that actively seeks this food source.  Bad fat and bad sugars are abundant in bad foods.  Hence the reach for this easy to find food that temporarily satisfies the brain until it realises its mistake and begs for good fat and good sugars again.

To stop this constant bad cycle eat slow realising sugar foods like grains and nuts and good fats like Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Flax Seed oil.  Happy brain, healthy lifestyle.

Bad food is any food that contains additives, preservatives or put it another way, a product with an ingredient’s list with items that cannot grow.  I include skimmed milk in this list.  It is such a bad food.

For example: di-glycerides of fatty acids are not grown in the soil, they are not harvested off plants, they are not flowers, they are not seeds, or nuts, or grains, they are not meat or fish or milk.

So don’t eat them.  They are not natural.

The same goes for all the other complicated impossible to pronounce items seen in most ingredients lists.

If a complicated unpronouncable word is in an ingredient’s list, do not buy the product.

If it is not easily grown or taken from its source by a cut or a squeeze, it is not natural.

When you are eating pure, natural, proper food only 3 times a day, and taking in some exercise for example: walking, you will lose weight and maintain your weight.

And not only that, you will have more energy, less likely to be ill and be a happier person.

Just because you are eating and exercising properly.  Simple.

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