Food – Are you being poisoned?

I feel in shock as I write this!

I have just been looking up some information on the web because my dog was odd last night. It occurred to me that although I am feeding her a hypoallergenic diet, there might be allergens in her food.

My vet has told me that if she doesn’t improve they could run tests to see what food allergies she has.

We may have to go that route but I dread to think of the cost.

Her history is that since we got her from the rescue home she has had an odd cough that sort of hoops as if she can’t breath. She doesn’t do it all the time, and in the time we have had her about 9 months she has done it about 4 times. I can tell her to stop and she does.

She can get hyper and over enthusiastic which I took to be her character.

And the worst of it is that she has uncontrollable bowel movements from time to time.

The last time was horrendous and I didn’t know where to start to clear up the mess. So on the advise of the Vet I starved her thinking she had a bacteria infection. Then I put her on a brown rice and egg diet. Every time I slowly re-introduce her hypo-allergenic food there is a reaction. It started last night with the hoop cough and I knew I would be greeted with a pooh in her utility room this morning and there is was! Then when I went outside I had to clear up 2 other poos she must have done in the evening the night before. (I don’t clear up in the dark) Which means 3 poos from her last meal. Too much.

She loves her brown rice and eggs and is happy on that and does one neat poo a day or maybe two.

So this morning I am on the internet researching her problem.

They say that pets know when their mistress (or master) is ill.

What I have found out maybe the answer to CFS/ME!! Apparently gluten whether tainted or not can be poisonous to some individuals and can cause kidney disease and death.

Read this link and see what you think!

Toxic Effects of Wheat Gluten and Other Proteins in Pets…and Humans
According to veterinarian John B. Symes (“Dogtor J”), gluten and other proteins that are added to dog and cat foods are causing many of the same diseases that they cause in their human counterparts. Dogs and cats that have suffered and died from consuming tainted pet food belie the fact that even untainted gluten can cause many of these same problems and more. In human celiacs and gluten-sensitive individuals, untainted gluten can induce both chronic and acute kidney failure. This form of kidney failure is typically called an IgA nephropathy, in which antibodies and immune complexes formed against gluten are deposited in the kidneys, which leads to damage and ultimately failure. Again, this can be chronic leading to persistent blood (microscopic) and protein in the urine or it can be acute.

Dr. Symes claims that it is a startling but well-established fact that the lectins of gluten (wheat, barley, rye) dairy products (e.g. casein, lactalbumin) soy, and corn are all capable of inducing serious health issues in those humans who are sensitive to them.

Dr. Symes believes that the onset of a lectin-related disorder—whether it be rheumatoid arthritis, type-one diabetes, lupus, etc.—is usually preceded by another event such as viral or bacterial infection. Vaccines can act as triggers as well. The result of such secondary events is a sudden influx and attachment of these inflammatory proteins to various cells in the body, ushering in what we often refer to as “autoimmune” disorders. That term implies an immune system that has gone haywire, attacking the body for no reason. According to him, our immune systems, along with those of our pets, never make that kind of mistake. These conditions happen for certain reasons, and these food proteins are often the cause.

Click on the link above and read the full article and let me know what you think.

PS There are allergens in my dog’s hypoallergenic food. It proudly states that there is no wheat and no wheat gluten and yet in the list of nutrients there is barley. Barley has gluten in it and is from the wheat family. So lucky girl she is getting chicken tonight!! (fresh chicken I hasten to add incase you think I’m going to get a jar of that sauce!)

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