Introducing Marianne Gutierrez

Marianne Gutierrez

My qualifications over a ten year period are Beauty Therapist, Aromatherapist with ITEC and City and Guilds and Aerobics with the RSA. I have also attended a variety of courses including an Advanced Intensive Nutritional programme by Patrick Holford and Skincare by Dermalogica. My most recent course was Remedial Massage studied at the Northern Institute of Massage in Bury, Lancashire.

I am fully insured and my professional organisation are NAMMT and FHT.  See About for details.

I am married and work giving massage treatments to private patients at home since I was diagnosed with M.E. Before I was diagnosed with M.E. I worked at the Torbay Chiropractic Health Care Clinics as a Remedial Massage therapist.

I have four children all grown and flown the nest and since my second marriage, I also have 4 step-children. It was my eldest son’s idea to start this weblog because of all the dialogue through the years of University and beyond concerning health for himself and his friends.

I am a Born-again Christian. This means that my life is focused on Jesus Christ and through Jesus Christ and His teachings. I am a bible believing Christian, which means I believe that the bible is the word of God relevant today.

There is a lot of info out there and this weblog is yet more. But my hope is that the articles I publish here will give the reader some understanding and will encourage the reader to research and discover more.

I cannot emphasise enough that if you have any health concerns then consult your GP immediately.

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