Introducing Kate Wilkinson

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Kate Wilkinson is an illustrator with phenominal skills. She has been designing, painting, drawing, sketching since she was a child. Her images are always innovative, funny, interesting, and upbeat. She has amused my children for years with her hilarious birthday cards and my eldest son has a collection of her birthday cards spanning 30 years.

Her work includes computer imagery and her skills with using a mouse to draw and paint are incredible. Her hand painting skills are beautiful too.

All of the free-hand images on my site are Kate Wilkinson, created with the mouse apart from the sketches on the original Stretch Programme which were scanned in.

I have also produced some sketches for one or two articles but you will tell the differences between Kate’s and mine.

If you have a commission then contact Kate at:

No-one has permission to use Kate Wilkinson’s work without consent from the author.

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