Magnesium – be careful!

We hear a lot about how magnesium is essential for life and how it helps relax.

But we do not hear much about the side-effects.

I have been hugely helped by taking a calcium, magnesium and zinc supplement even though reports tell me that it is magnesium that I may be lacking.

So I bought a magnesium supplement and experienced worsening symptoms and so stopped taking it.

Magnesium is:

  • not normally deficient in the diet
  • is important for many systems in the body
  • should not be taken with other medication/drugs
  • works with calcium


  • can be deficient in the diet especially menopausal women
  • is essential for every cell in the body
  • can be taken while taking other medication/drugs but always check with your GP or pharmacist first
  • works with magnesium

Here are the side-effects of too much magnesium:
nausea, vomiting, flushing, low blood pressure, a slow heartbeat, drowsiness, coma, and death

So when supplementing magnesium – be careful and if there are any adverse reactions or new or worsening symptoms – STOP taking it.

Magnesium should be taken with Calcium in the ratio 1:2 which means only 1 part Magnesium to 2 parts Calcium.

Vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin helps calcium absorption.
See Sunlight

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