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“8 Zenni Optical Rx Eyeglasses”:http://www.ZenniOptical.com

Have to admit that when I was asked to do this review I nearly refused. Mainly because I don’t know very much about prescription glasses as such or about the company … well, you might say – of-course not.

Then I did some thinking because it dawned on this slow brain of mine that prescription glasses in the UK are so expensive regardless of the offers some companies make – the buy one get-the-same-type free offers.

I wear prescription glasses for driving. I need clear prescription driving glasses as well as prescription sunglasses. Despite offers and discounts I still paid nearly £200 for the pair nearly 2 years ago, and although ‘nice’ styles they were definitely not designer ones.

So before you agree to filling your eye test presription with the company you have just been to, check “8 Zenni Optical Rx Eyeglasses”:http://www.ZenniOptical.com out first.

You can select from a huge range and from a very reasonable cost. I selected from their designer range and with the lenses and post and packaging would have paid nearly 30$ – about £15, if I went through with the order.

Sense tells me that with those figures Zenni Optical is well worth a visit, well worth ordering and well worth purchasing.

I intend to because I am due for new glasses soon.
1 Get eyes tested
2 Keep hold of prescription
3 Click onto Zenni Optical
4 Select frames
5 Complete prescription online with Zenni Optical
6 Wait for post to arrive
7 Feel fantastic wearing new glasses because of the huge savings made!

Not only look good but purse will feel good too!!

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