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Since the emails between myself and Phil Parker I have wanted to write about why I am not keen on Mental Training Programmes to help people gain good physical health, and also address a comment of Phil’s.

Phil said to me in one of his emails:

‘you continue to stick to your perspective, which is based on rumour, second or third hand information and not based on any DIRECT experience of the Process.’

See full email here: Phil Parker answers 7 questions

Which I thought was rather rude of him and smacked of him beginning to lose his calm with me because I wouldn’t accept what he was saying. Is that how he treats his patients? Do his patients have to do what he says? Are they not allowed to question and think for themselves? Is that why they can only do the Lightning Process programme if they sign up for the full programme? So that he has enough time to really influence their minds.

How does Phil Parker know that my perspective is based on rumour, second or third hand information and not based on any DIRECT experience of the Process?

My perspective of his Training Programme is based on experiences of being brought up as a Catholic and attending Catholic schools and churches run by Nuns and Monks, my mother’s mantra: It is all in your imagination and You only think that which along side Mother Mary Austin telling me that all bad thoughts are sins (they are not by the way) made me think I can’t think anything. I have also experience of Spiritualism, Hypnotherapy and various training programmes all of which did nothing to help me but did disturb my dreams and psyche.

After leaving the Catholic church and since because of all the incorrect ‘training’ I had taken on board, I am not going to rush into any training programme to get me well especially when I can’t see why I need it because I am physically ill.

I can see that a training programme can force people to be well. Just as my Catholic upbringing and parent’s loving discipline trained me to be ‘good’.

My experiences tell me that training someone to think differently to what their body is telling them is really rather dodgy and I just wouldn’t go there myself.

My experience shows me that sorting out the physical conditions aids the mental conditions.

My experience shows me that I can be irrational when I am extremely exhausted and so I tend not to get involved until I am not so tired again. Hence not picking Phil up on his very rude remarks until now.

My experience shows me that doing what other people tell me instead of thinking it through for myself leads me to make mistakes and lose sight of my own thought processes and capabilities so that I don’t know myself or the person God created me to be.

Psalm 139 verse 14

I am fearfully and wonderfully made …

Click on the Psalm 139 verse 14 for a lovely story about the writer’s son. It completely illustrates the importance of being sure of who you are.

Phil is right I have no experience of his training programme and am never likely to either. Generally I will try something first before I comment on it or can even suggest I know about it but not his particular brand of training.

I do apologise most sincerely to the Lightning Process patients of all Lightning Process practitioners who have been helped by the Lightning Process. I do really hope you continue to stay well and lead happy and healthy lives.

Phil tried to demonstrate that even though a Christian was healed of her CFS/ME with the Lightning Process, she is still a Christian and emphasisied that the Lighting Process will not change the way a person believes in God.

For the record: Christians are not concerned about the Lightning Process because that training may alter their beliefs in God.

Christians are concerned that they are being obedient to God. God has asked Christians not to have anything to do with people and their practices if they are involved in predictions about future events that they cannot possibly know about. This includes divination, crystals, tarot cards, reading of tea-leaves, energy therapies ie reiki.

Hypnotherapy which can induce an altered state of consciousness used by unscrupulous therapists would be unacceptable to Christians for example brainwashing can take place. Hypnotherapy used by scrupulous therapists may be acceptable to some Christians.

It is not for Christians to tell other Christians what to do as that completely negates their individual faith in Jesus Christ, who came to show the world love and that people are individuals allowed to make their own decisions; and get it wrong.

This was in direct contrast to the Pharisees who ruled the Jews and the Roman Empire who were desperately trying to rule the Jews too. Jesus therefore was the first rebel and a breath of fresh air.

And according to Phil Parker’s comment to me copied at the beginning of this article – perhaps I am a rebel too. I refuse point blank to do anything I don’t think is good for me. I do pray about it first but generally now that I have found my own mind, I keep to it. Generally. Once the guilt has been sorted. And the ‘O sorry, sorry, sorry’ I’m known to say from time to time.

Christians everywhere, you are allowed to choose, you are allowed to make a mistake, you are allowed to acknowledge the mistake (that’s the important bit) and forgive yourself for your mistake, you are allowed to change your mind and try and get it right next time. God knows we learn from our mistakes. So sometimes in order to learn we have to make them.

A good book for Christians to read about Alternative Therapies is: Alternative Medicine by Donal O’Mathuna PhD and Walt Larimore MD.

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