List of treatments for CFS/ME

I am constructing an A-Z spreadsheet of treatments for CFS/ME that will contain the following information:

Name of treatment
Type – physical – mental
Success rate (anecdotal or objective)
Cost of treatment: Ranges from £30 to £95 to £120
Number of treatments before a reduction in symptoms: Not known/20
Website – Yes/No please see:
Clinical trials – Yes/No please see:
Books – Yes/No please see:
Papers – Yes/No please see:
Research – Yes/No please see:
Anecdotal or Objective

If you would like a copy of this spreadsheet, please contact me at the email address on the contact’s page.

There maybe a small charge or a donate button however as this is still in its infancy at the moment it is first come first served.

If you have information you want to add and can back it up with actual facts – appointment records that I can follow up, papers, research, books, websites then I would be interested to hear from you.

I do get hoax information and callers from time to time and these are largely ignored.

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