Masterchef: The Professionals – Who Won?

My notes watching the Masterchef: The Professionals Show 29.

Daniel – Brioche, asparagus, reducing a madeira wine how does Daniel look so calm laying out the asparagus with Michel telling him to put the Brioche in the oven as he only has 20 mins, oops Daniel that brioche doesn’t look like the Brioche I know, O NO the crisps have burnt! Poor Daniel! ‘To be under this pressure I am having to go at a whole new level of chefing at this moment!’ Daniel you are phaffing about hurry up, you won’t be ready I’m going to tell them the starter will be 10 mins late. He needs help. He asks Marianne. Daniel it looks B E A Utiful! Hi Michael Caine from the same town as me! They gave Daniel the thumbs up for this fabulous dish and each of his perfectly poached eggs.

Steve – roasted duck, macaroni cheese, turnip and carrots served two ways 4 hours to assemble the elements for his macaroni gratin! I couldn’t cope with this stress! Pan frying 18 ducks! All 5 components must be plated up precisely! I love the way they all help each other. Steve admits he couldn’t have done that without the help. Michale caine the duck was cooked perfectly and was cooked with an additional element of expertise. They all are congratulating Steve and clapping him. He has done so well. I have to say.

Marianne – chocolate truffle mouse, jelly with a whole bottle of rum (yum yum), oops crackle nearly went pop!, how does Marianne keep prepping when the jelly isn’t working, I’d be in tears. Rum jelly time, will it cut? She has to plate up now. Desserts made almost entirely from chocolate and hot kitchens do not mix and then it has to go up 3 flights of stiar and arrive in perfect condition. O it looks fabulous! Jelly too alcoholic almost inedible. I like the rum jelly very well done. I love the rum jelly. Absolutely delicious. Chocolate is very difficult to work with well and you got it right, well done.

They have produced over 90 exceptional plates of food. I think they are all winners and will go far. I think Steve won? Am I right?

Now one more time to impress Michel Roux Jr. The Final Cook Off. Is it strictly necessary I think to myself? Surely they have proved themselves?
Steve Honey lavender Ice Cream? Wow! Scotch eggs. (beautifully cooked, bags of flavour O that is very very good!) (clever inventive truly yummy food) ( this is food I would want to see in my restaurant, top class, top end, it is very difficult for me to find fault, it is as near to perfection as you can get it) (dessert does show a lot of skill and precision) (a lovely dessert but I do not like the ice cream the lavender should be there just as a kiss)

Marianne Tarlet of Skate and poached egg, guinea fowl, creamy mash and truffle and madeira joux – mmmm and then a souffle – O what a gamble! (inspired very clever I like that!) (Marianne I think you have done incredibly well here.)

Daniel – a tasty parmesan foam and poached egg turbot and ham and peas, chocolate fondue I know these dishes are going to look so pretty, never mind the flavour! (foam surprisingly too strong, don’t get me wrong I love it but I am not bowled over) (it looks good, but big mistake the dark skin of a turbot is not very nice to eat and should be removed) (you have definitely done this turbot justice) (bit gooey in the middle should be more runny, lovely twill beautiful, star of the show here is the pistachio ice cream exactly how an ice cream should be, there are a few little errors but with ice cream like that I can forgive errors)

The detail, the intricate detail, it is fabulous – I am so hungry!

“The food they have cooked today has been superb, they are true professionals and truly talented.”

“The three of you can be immensely proud of yourselves.”

Our Professional Masterchef Champion is Steve! YES!!!!!!

“You have definitely got what it takes, you have got everything there!”
“Steve oozes talented.”
“It is unbelievable, definitely the proudest moment of my life”

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