Pray for Haiti

Those who can DO.

Those who can’t Pray.

Haiti needs it all.  It needs us to donate money.  It needs workers to help.  It needs those who run transport systems to provide.

And Haiti needs prayer.

“Lord Jesus Christ, Our Father in Heaven, take to Paradise all those who have died in Haiti.

Bless the Orphans with families who will only ever be good, kind and loving.

Find every lost child and restore them to their families.

Restore peace and harmony to every person on Haiti and provide them with the Will to help and share and love their fellow man, not to loot, fight and take.

Please continue to encourage those who can to donate money for Haiti.

Please continue to encourage those who can help to get there.

Please continue to encourage those who have transport to provide it generously.

Please provide everything the hospital needs to be able to help those who are in pain.

Allow Haiti to become Your Miracle Island with no more poverty, with Your Love abounding in every person living there.

Lord I pray this in Your Name which is Wonderful Counsellor.”

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