Radio Waves – Health Hazard?

I don’t think of myself as OLD.

But in terms of having children who are nearer the middle age end of a scale measuring from child to middle age then I think I must be.

But if Old Age is measured by what you have experienced and remember, then I definitely am.

I remember Wireless Radios and Radio transmitters.  I remember my brother running a copper wire the length of a garden from his bedroom window and attaching it to a listening ear piece to make his own Radio Transmitter (I think that is what he did).

Radio Waves are a natural part of our environment.  So why are they now considered to be a Health Hazard?

I mean why target something that has been in use for years as the cause of cancer instead of the food industry which messes with our natural food continually.

I can understand that channelling radio waves and concentrating them may cause adverse effects but W.H.O. say not.

I will not pretend to understand Radio Waves but as they are a natural consequence of our atmosphere I wonder at all the hype.

Oxygen is a natural consequence of the air we breathe but that air is not pure oxygen and is mixed with other gases.  It may be the channelling of certain waves that is causing a concern but when the Media section of the World Health Organisation website say not, one has to accept this surely?

In the past (1930, 1940, 1950, 1960, 1970) with TV stations emitting waves to our TV aerials and the waves toeing and froing Radio transmitters from the Radio sitting in our sitting rooms and the radio waves used on portable sets when in battle, no-one thought to suggest these may be causing ill-health.

What has risen in usage in a faster pace than radio waves is messing with food.  The illnesses associated with the messing of our natural food can be plotted.  Margarine and soft spreads those evil non-foods are the cause of rhumatoid arthritis, arthritis, thyroid disease, hormonal conditions, heart problems – the list goes on and on.  The margarine itself is a problem but because people were consuming it in favour of other natural products they were denying themselves the benefits of the natural food.

Gluten added to Canadian Wheat to make it more voluminous and so going further is the cause of children not thriving and celiac disease.

Then of-course there are all the unnatural additives to either make the food taste different or to prolong the keeping properties of the food, or simply offer a cheaper version of the natural item.

These things are our biggest health problem and I would like to see more arguments against messing with our natural food.

So perhaps it isn’t the Radio Waves on their own that may cause cancer, but Radio Waves being around a person who’s eating habits need adjusting.  After all too much sunshine on a body with no natural seed and fruit Oils, no natural animal Fats and no Calcium and Magnesium and anti-oxidants in their diet plus plastering their skin with unnatural body creams may succumb to cancer.

So how are the effects of Radio Waves measured?  Surely not on people whose diet is dubious?  Now that would make an interesting more clarified study.  The effect of x-rays, gamma rays, radio waves on a group of people whose diet is purely organic freshly grown foods with seed, fruit and animal oils and fats and NO additives of any description either eaten or applied on their skin compared to a group of people who eat supermarket produced bread, pies, cakes, meats and synthetic additives and preservatives.

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