Recovery from CFS

I have just been sent details of this book: “Recovery from CFS”.

Good reports about CFS/ME has got to be … well … good! This should be on every CFS/ME person’s christmas wish list.


An e-book has been produced (£7.99) containing 50 personal stories in PDF format of recovery from CFS featuring Anna Hemmings, Olympic Athlete who went on to win several Gold Medals after years of suffering with M.E. plus another 49 wonderfully inspiring stories. Alex Barton, who compiled the book, has herself recovered from severe M.E. She went from being housebound and needing a disabled scooter for outings, to returning to work, cycling around Bristol and enjoying sailing and canoeing holidays with her family.

A fantastic resource. Every story has a ‘happy ending’ with each recovery story ending in recommended websites, books and even email addresses for some of the authors. “An outstanding book that will help you start on YOUR road to recovery – prepare to be empowered” says Dr Jacob Teitelbaum, Medical Director of Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers, Inc. USA, who has written the foreword of Alex Barton’s ebook. 20% sales goes to ME Research UK. For more details see www.cfsrecoverystor or www.alexbarton. .

Alex Barton
Coach ME

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