So you've _STILL_ got CFS/ME?

Can you get off your bed and walk?

Are you hoping for a miracle?

If I was to eat the foods I am allergic to and not take the supplements I would be bed-ridden and feeling like death.

If I don’t eat one miniscule amount of the foods I am allergic to.

If I take my supplements.

If I don’t have negative thoughts.

If I don’t do too much.

I feel quite well, thank you.
In fact I feel very well sometimes.
In fact I can feel so well that I plan my future.
I plan a work schedule.
I say Yes to social events without a moment’s hesitation.

And then because I feel well complacency sets in and I forget my supplements one day with a cavalier attitude of ‘O what’s the harm, I feel fine!’ and eat a piece of bread and scoff a cadbury’s cream egg and take the dog for a walk. (a normal walk is to put the dog in the car, drive to the field, let her off the lead to run while I sit and read my book)

And then I am so ill again and then I remember … I’ve still got CFS/ME.

What is this illness? It is crazy. And it makes me weep.

But whatever it is, I know what it isn’t. It isn’t terminal, it isn’t cancer. And the miracle is that I can feel almost normal if I follow the regime above.

And this is such a plus! And needs celebrating!!

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