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Still pro GFSE?

Hello fans of GFSE and those who are involved in the production and distribution of GFSE.

This post has been written because of the latest comment to the article Ban Citricidal and Grapefruit Seed Extract:, the comment is copied at the end of this post.

Here is information to a pdf file on the toxicology of Benzethonium chloride from Material Safety Data Sheet Benzethonium Chloride MSDS from Science Lab.

“Section 11: Toxicological Information

Routes of entry: inhalation, ingestion

Toxicity to animals: Acute oral toxicity (LD50): 3.38 mg/kg [Mouse]

Chronic Effects on Humans: Causes damage to the following organs: mucous membranes

Other Toxic effect on Humans: Hazardous in case of skin contact (irritant). of ingestion. of inhalation.

Special Remarks on Toxicity to animals: Not available

Special Remarks on Chronic Effects on Humans: May affect genetic material (mutagenic). May cause cancer based on animal test data

Special Remarks on other Toxic Effects on Humans:

Acute Potential Health Effects:

Skin: Causes skin irritation. It may be absorbed by the skin.

Eyes: Causes eye irritation. Inhalation: May cause respiratory tract irritation.  Ingestion: Harmful if swallowed. May cause gastrointestinal tract irritation with vomiting, and diarrhea.

May affect behaviour (CNS, depression, excitement, convulsions, seizures, coma). respiration (respiratory depression). blood. urinary system (hematuria). metabolism (weight loss).

Chronic Potential Health Effects: Prolonged or repeated ingestion or skin contact may affect metabolism, the endocrine system (thymus) and cardivascular system.  Prolonged or repeated skin contact may cause dermatitis.”

Here is information to a pdf file by J. Agric. Food Chem 2001 Indentification of Benzethonium Chloride in Commercial Grapefruit Seed Extracts by Gary Takeoka, Lan Dao, Rosalind Y Wong, Robert Lundin and Noreen Mahoney (Western Regional Research Center, Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 800 Buchanan Street, Albany, California 94710 )  on the content of Grapefruit Seed extract and I copy the conclusion drawn after extensive and specific laboratory tests.

“Commercial grapefruit seed extracts (GSE) were extracted with chloroform. The solvent was evaporated, and the resulting solid was subsequently analyzed by high-performance liquid chromatography, electrospray ionization mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, and elemental analysis (by proton-induced X-ray emission [PIXE] analysis). The main constituent was identified as benzethonium chloride, a synthetic antimicrobial agent commonly used in cosmetics and other topical applications. This compound comprised 8.03% (n ) 2) of the liquid GSE sample. Higher amounts of benzethonium chloride were found in powder GSE samples.”

I am not the only one who will not use or touch Citricidal or Grapefruit Seed extract.  Some of the comments to the article Ban Citricidal and Grapefruit Seed extract may be  trying to discredit me and my blog, but the information about the toxicity of Citricidal and Grapefruit Seed extract is there for all to see.

Here is the latest comment left by a reader of the article Ban citricidal and grapefruit seed extract (18th July 2012):

“I am happy to say that I have received a very thorough response from the producers of Unifect-GSE™ who have assured me that they have fully inspected the manufacturers processing and have also provided me with articles. I am confident that in this instance you are wrong. For anyone else reading this I would suggest that you complete further research before believing this blog.

All the best.”

Reader, I suggest you send me copies of those articles and the names of those who have written them and their science, because the evidence from independent testings is irrefutable.  You have made me wonder if you are involved in the production and distribution of GFSE hence your two recent Good Cop, Bad Cop comments.

Unifect.GSE is a trade mark, here are their companies:

Unifect who offer effective ingredients (their words not mine) and their partner site:

Natural Actives Which is about, apparently, Natural Actives and the person who started it: “Natural Actives is a magazine style site – a showcase for naturally effective ingredients from around the world.”

2 thoughts on “Still pro GFSE?

  1. This conversation is futile.

    I am NOT associated with any company. You are dishing out accusations without any further investigation.

    Why don’t you contact the producers or manufacturers yourself and give them the opportunity to clarify this issue for you, like I did?

    • Laura don’t get upset, I was wondering whether you were, it was a passing muse of mine.

      Thank you for your suggestion, about 3 years ago I did indeed contact the producers or manufacturers as you say,and gave them the opportunity to clarify this issue, if you read the article Ban citricidal and grapefruit seed extract you will see a link to an email string of conversations that I had with companies that produce grapefruit seed extract. They were not forthcoming as you can imagine. This is the article: However what the manufacturers then and now are not admitting to is that benzethonium chloride is found in the grapefruit seed extract, that they do admit is toxic to animals. Read the latest article on this: and find the quote and the company I am quoting from who thoroughly tested citricidal and found benzethonium chloride.

      I found this company: Unifect-GSE which you mentioned in a previous comment, and they have a link to some information and I clicked on this but it didn’t give me any more information than I have already discovered. Is this where you have gleaned some info? Why don’t you share it here with everyone, where you got your info and what it is? It may help the pro-GFSE-ers?

      The point of all this dialogue, if one fully read the articles I have written, the investigations I have made and the comments to the articles, is that Citricidal or Grapefruit Seed extract contains a compound, chemical, call it what you may, contains Benzethonium Chloride that is toxic to animals. In what doses it is toxic, how much of it is in Grapefruit seed extract and the short or long term effects of this chemical is not entirely known. The Sciencelab toxicology report says it can upset the CNS (central nervous system) – did this cause my CFS/ME?

      On top of this concern, as Grapefruit Seed Extract is easily available many people are using an antibiotic substance regularly for symptoms and that regular use will cause damage to the gut flora which can then compound and worsen the symptoms or keep those symptoms going, so that you stop the grapefruit seed extract and the symptoms flare up again. Antibiotics or antimicrobials are a short term method for a symptom that if it keeps returning, needs a different approach to its cure. Highly likely the cure is a change of diet and lifestyle.

      Laura thank you for your input here and I wish you the very, very best of health.

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