Sunshine does not cause skin cancer

I have said this for Y E A R S.

Just as the plants need the sun so do we.

Sunshine is as essential to our ‘diet’ as water.

I believe that the commercial products on our skin in the sun causes skin cancer and I have said before that I feel certain that the rise in skin cancer victims correlates with the use of skin care products from soap, shower gels, moisturisers and UV protection lotions.

That is one aspect and the other is nutritional deficiencies.

Now Natural News is quite rightly shouting about it:  Sun + Skin = NO Cancer

Since soap was first invented, most of our health issues have been caused by commercial products using additives, preservatives and by-products of chemical interactions.  Before the invention of soap, poor health was caused by poor hygiene.

Anomaly there don’t you think?  We all relate good hygiene practice with the use of soap.

Good hygiene practice is very simple:

Poo and Wee away from the community and bury it.

Never poo or wee in Rivers.

Boil water used from rivers

Do not touch your face with your hands

Wash hands in a mixture of Seed oils, Herbs and water

Keep raw meat cool, cook and eat within a few days.

In some countries in the 1st century and before, it was not understood that poo and wee carried disease and they would empty their bowels and bladders anywhere.

We also need to protect ourselves and our skin with good food that contains antioxidants and good fats and oils.

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