Swine Flu vaccine not properly tested and the revolt!

Natural News has published an article about many American’s who are opting out of the swine flu vaccine: Swine Flu Vaccine revolt!

I will not be having the vaccine despite a low immunity because of ME, because one of my patients has guillum-barre, succumbed from the flu-vaccine, that my application of Remedial Massage and a Tone and Stretch routine is helping.

October 9th 2009: Hot off the press of the Natural News website:

Dear NaturalNews readers,

This is urgent breaking news about the swine flu vaccine:

Health freedom attorney Jim Turner has told NaturalNews he is filing a lawsuit mid-day Friday that seeks to halt the distribution of all swine flu vaccines in America. The lawsuit claims that the FDA approved the vaccines in violation of federal law and that no proper safety testing has ever been conducted on them.

Read more about this breaking news in today’s exclusive feature story:


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