Unlocking the secrets of ME

If you are frustrated by the condition of CFS/ME because you suffer from it or because you are a carer or know of someone with it then read the following article from the Manchester Evening News. It is very encouraging and I wonder if we are now at last within a hair’s breath of an answer and treatment to CFS/ME!

Click on: Unlocking the secrets of ME

If you want to know more about the Perrin Technique there is an opportunity to meet Raymond Perrin on Friday February 11th at 3pm in Bridport, Dorset. Please see: Osteopathy & Chronic Fatigue/ME

2 thoughts on “Unlocking the secrets of ME

  1. Dear Marianne
    I hope you have been cured by Ray Perrin’s treatment, but sadly I must say that my son went to him in 1994 when he was just beginning his research, and Richard, my son, had just been diagnosed with ME and wasn’t too ill. He went twice weekly, for some months, but experienced no benefit at all. He became bedbound, was treated at the National Hospital in 1997 then had 6 years of being able to live independently. In 2003, got glandular fever after having been diagnosed with ME in 1994, and now is much more disabled. And others I know in this area, south M/C, have not been helped by Ray Perrin’s technique; I’m scared you will give people false hopes by extolling his theory, as you do, on your website. things don’t work for everyone. Best wishes, Sue Stern

  2. Hi Sue
    I am so sorry for you and for your son, what a difficult time you have both had. It is difficult for me to comment without knowing all the circumstances of your son’s treatment. For example someone wrote to me obviously extremely angry with a treatment they had received from a therapy because they felt it hadn’t worked. No matter what I thought about the therapy myself I couldn’t help but wonder about their character and their attitude and maybe that was why it hadn’t worked.
    Perhaps I am too positive because what I got from your comment is that your son was well until he got glandular fever. And one has to wonder if the Perrin Technique and the hospital stay combined did help your son get well.
    It is known and accepted that we CFS/MEers have a predisposition to get CFS/ME so no wonder the glandular fever set your son back. He should go back to Dr Perrin for some advice because it sounds to me that he has got more congested and it all needs the gentle stimulation of the Perrin technique to kick start his system again. He may also need the Ashok Gupta approach too. I just don’t see how my enthusiasm and positiveness about something that works for me is a false hope. Please read: Help! it may give you some more insights into the causes of CFS/ME – then again it may not – it is only my opinion.

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