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Today I have:

Solved a telephone query about someone’s health concerning red patches that they had on their skin.

Provided some information about a premises to rent.

If it goes through, found a chef for a pub.

If it goes through found a tenant for a landlord.

Answered a telephone query about exercise machinery.

That is on top of my patients for massage who also get advice for their pain.

So perhaps I am in the wrong job, perhaps I should become a Business, Health and Domestic Detective, someone who can find answers to business, health and domestic problems.

Try me.  Ask a question.

6 thoughts on “Ask me a question?

  1. Hi there
    I’m very interested in your skincare cream due to the absence of glycerin, I’m going to drop you an email, hope that’s OK

  2. I am simply furious that Citricidal (Grapefruit seed) is no longer available especially Australia, we have used this product for years with no detrimental effects. When you consider the innumerable amount of medicinal drugs that are on sale with side effects noted on the enclosed leaflet, and this is just one more product that has proved its efficacy and the medical authorities found it an easy mark. A friend of mine went to India some years ago and took this product with her, and SHE WAS THE ONLY ONE IN THE GROUP THAT DID NOT GET DIAHORREA OR OTHER AILMENT. Obviously this would be called anecdotal evidence but all the same.

    • Dear Cynthia, I didn’t realise citricidal is no longer available for sale, I am sure it is in the UK. Yes it is a fantastic product for bugs – kills them stone dead. Will also kill good bacteria too. It is a pharmaceutical drug dressed up as natural. The only reason that the seeds of grapefruits have an antimicrobial effect is because of the very nasty chemical they contain. This nasty chemical kills all the fauna and flora around the factory where it is made. Yes you are right it is excellent stuff at killing things. Have you ever heard of a grapefruit seed doing that?

      • Thank you for replying and for a much full explanation, so far touch wood, we have had a very positive experience with Citricidal, long may it continue. Unfortunately Australia is becoming rather critical about Complementary Therapy and there is talk of withdrawing medical insurance cover for all ranges, i.e. aromatheraphy, acupuncture, and more especially homeopathy. Little by little I feel that a great number of herbal remedies will be swept of the shelves forcing customers to use medical products. e.g. I cannot tolerate pain killers so use a herbal remedy for headaches so my stomach problems do not flare up. I would imagine that this will be a casualty at some point, but when you think that over 60,000 deaths in the USA is due to iatrogenic drugs, and no one does anything. Similar deaths have happened in the UK and Oz, yet homeopathy which you may or may not believe in, is a wonder, it works wonderfully with animals and we prolonged the life of our dog in the UK because of it. But I suppose each person has the right to choice, that is the point, we as consumers should have the right to choose which governments are taking away from us. I will not continue……..

        • This is what quaternary means: In chemistry, a quaternary compound is a cation consisting of a central positively charged nitrogen atom with four substituents, especially organic (alkyl and aryl) groups, discounting hydrogen atoms. The best known quaternary compounds are quaternary ammonium salts, having a nitrogen atom at the centre. This is what the the Center for Disease and Control say about Benzalkonium Chloride:
          I am not the only one to disapprove of grapefruit seed extract, read another report here:
          What is my problem with anyone using this ‘stuff’? It will eventually upset your gut and could be cancer causing. It also flies in the face of products that are natural and all natural medicines. It makes a joke of what you actually say you support and want. My dog’s health was improved with a totally natural diet – raw meaty bones. So sometimes the health of us all is what we put into our bodies, not what we add to kill off things that are there because of what we put in.

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