Eat Fruit to Stop Dementia

You know that there are loads of Supplement Companies.  And if you have ever bought supplements you know that the amount of the actual ingredient in the tablet or capsule is tiny.  Miniscule.  But for some reason it makes you feel better.  One a day of a 1 gram tablet seems to give you your get up and go back again.


Now on the BBC Breakfast News this morning very clever scientists studying for years can now reveal that eating Fruit may help to ward off Dementia.  Fabulous!

Yes of-course it is good news.

But it isn’t rocket science.

Man keeps trying to make foods that they say are healthier for you than natural produce. For example Margarine.  A totally man-made food that actually causes disease and illnesses and well . . . it could be argued Dementia.

So to protect us from the effects of man-made foods, we turn to supplements.

Now Science tells us to eat more fruit.

Well as I have just written, the Birds could have told you that!  Birds know better than humans

An apple a day keeps the Doctor away.  No truer saying it appears.  You don’t need bucket loads of fresh food and home-grown produce to aid health.  Or tiny amounts of a supplement, an apple, a few berries, organic tomato puree every day will do the trick.  Just a normal diet of good home grown produce minus the man-made stuff like low-fat spreads, margarines and additives.

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