The Birds

Alfred Hitchcock music is playing, terror is in the air.

A lone woman bravely ventures outside, terrified, looking around her, left, right, up in the air, behind her and approaches the Morello Cherry Tree loaded and groaning with its burden of ripe, rich, red fruit.

She begins harvesting her cherries when clattering, clucking and shouting a Black Bird flies right into her, knocking her side-ways and fluttering through the Tree to the fence where it continues its cluttering, clucking and shouting.

That woman is me, the Tree is MINE!  I had been waiting for the cherries to get a little more ripe before picking them.  Unbeknown to me so had families of Blackbirds and Thrushes.

The air seemed filled with bird noise as I now rushed to get the cherries off the tree before being attacked again.  I left the bird pecked ones for the insistent birds.

Now I know why.  The anti-oxidants rich in fruit are an essential aspect for the Bird Diet: Superfoods for Birds

If only human beings would be as insistent about eating their fruit.

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