Agua de la vida

Water of Life.

I read an article some time ago about a prisoner in Korea.  He was a Doctor and begged his captors to be allowed to treat his fellow prisoners despite no medicines.  Eventually his request was granted.  He treated his patients with water.  Either to drink or to cleanse or both.  And they benefitted and got well.

While in Spain recently and it being so very hot I advised my elderly father to drink plenty of water and add more salt to his food.  He did.  That night he slept the best sleep he had slept in a very long while totally uninterrupted by cramp which usually plagued him despite his quinine tablets.

Interesting isn’t it?

Whole, natural, nature intended water, fruit, veg, meat and salt actually makes us feel well!  Amazing!

UK Government stance on Salt is that now they suggest we should be consuming 6 Grams of Salt every single day.  Unadulterated Sea Salt is best.  There are no conclusive articles showing that salt causes blood pressure.  I think blood pressure is caused by too many additives and preservatives in sauces, soups, pies, cakes, bread, pasta, tinned foods, processed meats, packaged meats like ham and bacon, sausages . . . the list goes on and on.

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