Artificial rice production line

Fake Rice

O dear I think I ate some the other day!

China, of-course it is China, that the fake rice comes from.

There are several reports:

Natural News – Plastic Rice

Vietnam News – fake rice from plastic

International Business Times – China makes fake rice from plastic check out the grubby hand with long finger-nails holding the rice.

It has happened several times, we were having a take-out, this time Indian before it was Chinese.  The rice grain appeared to be very tiny but what made me wonder was that some ‘grains’ were small and some were quite long!

Now I know I am not an agriculturalist but I am sure that whatever type of rice one buys, the grains are a similar size.

But the tiny grain I ate the other day ranged from 5 mms long to 10.  Fake?

Have I just eaten a plastic bag?


Eat only wholegrain rice, you can see it is a grain then.  However there is something in the supermarkets called brown rice, and it looks exactly like white rice with a brown stain.  For whole grain rice, it needs to say wholegrain.

It is better for you as well.

As a take-away is generally consumed if you haven’t time to cook, the whole grain rice is easily cooked by boiling the whole-grain rice in water and then taking it off the heat and leaving it while you pick up the curry or chinese (minus their rice), and it should be cooked when you get back.  Easy peasy!

Need to eat some charcoal now to counteract the effects . . . I think . . . I hope . . . possibly?

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