Tone and stretch routine shenanigans

Tone and Stretch Routine shenanigans

How is the DVD progressing?

The filming was completed 2 weeks ago.  The editing, or the first draft, should be completed today.  Then comes me criticising it.  Hmm . . .

When I first saw the complete film, I couldn’t help laugh at myself.  Compared to the dearly delightful assistant Marie of young and slimness, I look like a Telly Tubby!  (Joe! Can you air-brush me please?)

The other funny thing I do, is when I laugh, I sort of shake and rotate as if I am Mr Wobbly from the Noddy books.

But as my sister pointed out:  “You look normal Marianne, so what you are offering is going to be more attainable to more people.  It is more realistic.”

Yep folks, no air-brushing, no plastic surgery, no starvation diets, just me, gently toning and stretching to maintain strength and flexibility to the muscles, so supporting the skeletal system.

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