" … falling in-love again … what am I to do? … I can't help it"

The sultry tones of Marlene Dietrich hum through my conscience while I am pondering on another article.

The word that intrigues me is ‘falling’.

I see myself literally losing balance, falling over, falling off something, floating through the air and not crashing into anything, a sense of letting go and allowing myself to rest in someone else and trust them completely.

Wow.  Amazing.

Ah yes it is that first love feeling.  That dizzy euphoria of mutual attraction, a confirmation of opinions about ourselves and themselves.  A simple I like you and You like me wonderment.  An agreement.  It is so powerful.

And then CRASH.  We destroy it.  We doubt our decisions.  We criticise and we judge.  You do something I don’t like.  Should I trust you?

Yes.  You should.

Yes.  Trust your initial feelings.  Fall in love with the person you are with again.  Fall.  Let go.  You are safe.

What constitutes safe?

These types of words: warmth, comfort, happiness, caring, consideration, kindness, toleration, encouragement, peace, safety, security, nourishment.

If you can put the words: Do you give me, in front of all or some of the words: warmth, comfort, happiness, caring, consideration, kindness, toleration, consideration, peace, safety, nourishment then you are safe to fall in love.

If you have some or all of these types of words in your relationship: violence, unhappiness, uncaring, cruelty, lack of peace, insecurity in your relationship then you are not safe to fall and some type of counselling or guidance may be required on what to do with your relationship.  Love supports, it carries, it doesn’t drop you.

Don’t you think?

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