STOP the government's new control of our natural use of nature.

We all know that herbs help.

We have all had a cup of camomile tea to sooth, herbs were our first medicine and herbalists our first doctor. We love the herbs we put on our food.

The government want to regulate the use of herbs and Herbalists.  While this sounds perhaps sensible what is the trigger for this?  It is another control by stealth.

One is the pharmaceuticals, herbs present competition.

Two is control, herbs are not easily defined because they have so many elements.

If the government are trying to suggest that because some of the trace elements in herbs cannot be defined therefore they cannot be used, or that there are too many elements in herbs and so the cost of analysis is not quantifiable, will the next move be to suggest that vegetables should not be eaten until every element is defined?

Herbs are a totally natural substance with an effect in our body, a gentle soothing effect from camomile and a strong heart effect from foxgloves (digitalis).  A small amount of foxgloves won’t kill you, it may make you feel ill if you don’t need its heart effect, but we lay people don’t know the difference between what poisons and by how much and what is safe and so we should always consult the expert – a Herbalist and never experiment unless we know categorically that a herb is safe as in camomile just as we know that potatoes are safe provided they are not green and then they are poisonous.

We know the harm that pharmaceutical drugs can do and the illnesses they can create.

I am not suggesting for one minute that we avoid pharmaceutical drugs as in the first instance they can be useful, but not in the long term.

It would be nice to combine the two aspects, pharmaceuticals for a short term while the condition is extremely painful or life threatening and herbs for the long term.

The paper is a crafty one, it is not suggesting that herbs or herbalists are outlawed, it is suggesting some controls.

We all know that these controls will make herbs in their natural state unworkable.

Look at what they are doing to cannabis which can help MS sufferers, they are denaturing it so that the addictive effect is taken out, this in turn will cause an effect in the body because the body will not recognise the denature of the substance and will eventually react to the ‘synthetic chemicals’ as the body does to pharmaceuticals.

I am very ill when I eat synthetic chemicals this could be because they are from a substance I am allergic to, for example dextrose a sugar may be taken from wheat.  But what I suspect is that dextrose is not in a form the body naturally recognises and so tries to eliminate it and as my elimination processes are highly challenged, this makes me ill.

I feel that if the government denatures herbs to the elements they can trace, they are altering their natural state and this will lead to more disease states.

It is the trace elements that defy analysis that support the actions of the functional aspects in a plant or herb.  Without the trace elements the primary substance becomes unstable and this unstableness can cause illness and disease.

For example:

*Canadian wheat had extra gluten added and shortly after this process was invented children were born with a disease they later defined as celiac.  The children were not thriving.  Celiac is a very serious condition easily solved by avoiding gluten.  But manufacturing processes now involve gluten in more foods and so the foods that celiacs can eat is becoming less and less.

*Margarines are made from vegetable oils.  Vegetable oils are good.  But not the ones they put in margarines or are used for frying.  Those vegetable oils are refined and the refining process causes the oil to cause illness in the body from heart disease to arthritis.

These are just two altered foods that now cause disease in our bodies.

Please don’t let the government allow interfering with any other natural aspect and sign the petition.

We are so controlled that we are being encouraged not to think for ourselves.  Forgotten to use our instincts.

Think now, support nature and natural traditions.

Please sign the petition: Support Herbal Medicine

Thank you.

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