WHO says NO to preserved meats

The World Health Organisation

The World Health Organisation

At last an official body saying No to preserved meats.
The World Health Organisation is at last telling us what we already know – that preserved meats are cancer causing.

This includes bacon because of the sodium nitrates.  Shame.

The point the W.H.O are making is that children consume a lot of preserved meats and that they are developing a habit of eating these meats that will be with them into adult-hood and then if they continue they may get bowel cancer.

As a child the only cold meat we ate was the left-overs from the sunday joint.  I am adopting the habit again, we have cold chicken or beef from joints I have cooked for sandwiches.  But ham and bacon will be missed.  So I am going to search the internet to make my own.  Surely a joint of pork in a strong sea salt and water solution will do the trick?  But I don’t want to eat gone-off meat so it needs researching.

I’ll let you know how I get on!

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