Good Food

From Patrick Holford on LK Today – Monday 4th April 2005

Eat breakfast – Porridge Oats were suggested.
Cut back on sugar and stimulants.
Eat more vegetables and fruit and follow the GI diet.

Snack on apple and nuts and seeds – not fattening contrary to popular opinion.

GI diet is a low glycaemic index food (glycaemic measures the way sugars are broken down and used in the body – high means that the sugar in the food is released more quickly into the blood). A banana is higher in quick releasing sugars than an apple. Dried fruits are higher in quick releasing foods than fresh fruit. Berries, apples and pears are the ones to aim for. Berries especially are high in vitamins especially C.

The GI diet aims to provide slow releasing carbohydrates ( sugars from the food) to keep you ‘going’ smoothly all day.

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  1. Hiya!

    I’m Nat, a friend of Johns and a holistic therapist. He’s done a really good job with your site. It looks very organic and high quality, which is great for you as it gives browsers and potential clients the right impression. It’s nice to see a site that helps to raise the profile of complementary health issues!

    Good luck with your practice,


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