Calcium, enzymes and no more wheat free

Okay, check this website out on no more food-free diets.

I am conducting research now on this subject and finding it very interesting.

My initial query for research was endorphins – the body’s natural pain killers.
I am lacking in energy and I can’t do exercise to create them.
I am in pain and I want them!
Where do they come from?
How are they made before they are released through exercise?

What are opiate receptors? Why are they needed in the endorphin cycle? What are exorphins? Why are they bad? Why do enzymes help?

Do MEers need activated charcoal?
And did you know that the symptoms of calcium defiency are very similar to the symptoms of ME!

O and haven’t we all been here before.
Lyme’s disease from deer tick bites also produce similar symptoms to ME and other diseases as well.
Systemic candida produces symptoms similar to ME/CFS

I embarked on a programme of killing the candida and felt no difference.

I am most interested in this website because it is to help autistic children that have been taken off wheat and milk. Now they can eat it and behave ‘normally’ when they take in the enzymes.

However this website also speaks about calcium and this interests me personally as I was diagnosed through a hair analysis test that I had far too high a ratio of calcium in my blood which suggested that it was leeching out of my bones. I have been consuming shed loads of green leafy vegetables and good quality water without many obvious changes I must say. (I can’t tolerate milk, and the body doesn’t take up the calcium from milk very successfully anyway)

However it is my muscle pain that is the most tiring and my stiffness and so I will persevere with the calcium.

A very gentle stretch programme does help but why am I so stiff in the first place, to the point of not being able to walk when I have done too much? Being a teacher of exercise I understand the energy release and ATP that goes on in the muscles and yes MEers are low on the energy stakes but what exactly is going on from the muscle fibre point of view?

I hope to be able to put all this together in a more bullet pointed easy to read article when I have gathered all the information together and understood and tested the supplements on myself.

Please add any comments.

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