Toxic liver

Toxic liver

I believe that to recover a toxic liver or body one must look at the lifestyle of the individual and not hope that taking a supplement or pill will do the job. I believe it involves life-style changes to do with food, exercise and herbs and vitamins and minerals.

I am registered with Higher Nature as a Health Practitioner and am in receipt of the Professional’s Handbook which gives details of certain conditions and which supplements may help.

This is what the handbook says about the Liver:
Liver health is important, as an under-functioning or ‘toxic’ liver can affect the function of many body systems. Toxins can come from: red meat, tea, coffee, alcohol, animal fats, preserved food, ready-made meals, smoking, tap water, medicines and pollution. There is also a reference to ‘see also gallstones’. I won’t add that information here. If you want to know more please say so in the comments section below.
The suggested supplements to support the liver are:
Basic essentials (this is the Higher Nature suggested base line list of supplements: multi-vitamin and mineral, omega oils and extra vitamin C)
Milk thistle,
cleansing herb formula,
antioxidant complex formula,
alpha lipoic acid,
cat’s claw,
flax seeds (cold milled) or Hi-Lignam flax,
cell nucleotides,
heavy metal detox.

It is not suggested that all these supplements are bought and taken all together. It is for your health practitioner to assess you and decide which are best for you. It is suggested that Cell Nucleotides should not be taken in the case of auto-immune diseases.

I would also add that Olive Leaf Extract would also be useful especially for ME/CFS sufferers as it supports the immune system and helps detoxify the liver.

As an ME sufferer I found that I couldn’t take a large supplement regime as it made me feel so ill so I took the slowly, slowly approach.

My advice to anyone wanting to go on a detoxifying regime is to begin with their diet. Reduce red meat, tea, coffee, alcohol, animal fats, preserved food, ready-made meals, smoking, tap water, medicines and pollution. Reduce carbohydrates. Avoid sugar and yeasts. Eat organic where possible. Introduce more vegetables and fruits.

Start a supplement regime to include Omega Oils in the first instance and Vitamin C. These I personally feel are essential for everyone’s health regardless of any diseases or ills. With the Omega Oils and for ME, take the maximum dose suggested on the bottle. Along with this take magnesium. Magnesium is needed for nerves and muscles and also, along with the omega oils, helps with the energy release in cells. Omega oils also help the gut to be healthy and are involved in the making of hormones. The Omega 3 oils are also good for the brain. It was these oils I feel helped me on the road to recovery. I am still on the road to recovery. I cannot see a light at the end of the tunnel. But the omega oils seem to give me focus and less foggy thinking. I certainly notice when I run out and don’t take them for a day or two.

So a basic detox programme for ME people would be:
Diet as suggested
Omega oils
Vit C
Multi vitamin and mineral
Olive leaf extract/Colloidal silver

After the basic programme to detox you can then build to other supplements or exchange for a more specific regime for specific symptoms.

Exercise is also important but almost impossible for ME sufferers as they may feel very ill after any bout of energy expenditure as this energy debt will need to be repaid. However what has been helping me is Stretching so I have devised a Stretch Programme for ME sufferers. It is simple and involves little energy and it helps and is the subject of another article.

If you require any further information then please leave a comment in the comment’s box below. Or email.

8 thoughts on “Toxic liver

  1. Hey, VERY good! Well done Marianne, I could certainly do with getting into the Detox – like yesterday, what would you suggest to really get serious in detoxing, the Doc simply says nothing when I mention alternative medicines ( natural) but it has got my BP down.
    Lets talk soon!
    Good Luck with the site.

  2. How do you know if you have a toxic liver in the first place?

    Hi Jon Just to thank you so much for the images you have found for the various articles. I am sorry but I can’t do much work on the website while here in Spain. I can’t get a signal for my laptop and I have limited time on Sarah’s computer. I hope to do better but there you go. How are things with you?

  3. Hi Marianne,
    Jonathan suggested i looked at your new site and I’m glad that i have done! After the hectic Christmas and New Yr period i’ve been meaning to do some research into a detox but just haven’t had a clue on where to start and have been tempted by ‘off the shelf ’ products( 10 day detox etc) but, they seemed too expensive and not natural.
    I’m going to start next week based on what you recommend to leave out and include more of in my diet!
    I’ll let you know how I get on, thanks. Hope you’re well.

  4. Jonathan,

    Generally your GP would have diagnosed this. However you also may feel generally lethargic and tired and you may even have a slight yellow tinge to your skin. Toxic doesn’t read cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is a hardening of the liver causing it not to function. Ie not to be able to cleanse the blood and not to be able to store glycogen from sugar and carbs ready to be used in the energy cycle and not to be able to store betacarotene the precurser to Vit A. A toxic liver is overloaded with toxins to cleanse and cannot do its job as well as it should. It could be argued that a toxic liver if left could turn to cirrhosis. Click on Natasha for more information.

  5. Hi Anouska!

    So good to hear from you!

    I did answer this in an email to you so sorry for repeating myself but I think I have the hang of responding to comments at last!! Just for the record it would be good also to take Milk thistle to support the liver and also Omega Oils which as far as I am concerned are essential!

  6. i,ve been getting a lot of pain in my upper right side for 6 months , what could it be , its mainly on movement and sitting crunched up ie driving or at the pc .
    also do you have any info on gallbladder problems.
    thank you
    Darren .

  7. Hi Darren many apologies for taking some time to respond to your comment. I cannot advise you on your pain or your gallbladder problems, you MUST consult your own GP as soon as possible. Pain is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong so DO NOT ignore it but see your GP.

    If the GP cannot find any liver or gallbladder concerns or any other condition that needs their intervention then your pain may be due to muscular conditions due to postural faults.
    However please consult your GP first before you see any other health practitioner or seek any other advice.

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