My first turning point was sleeping whenever I wanted to and drinking chamomile tea before going to bed.


My second turning point was numbing my brain with TV programmes and very easy to read books, like Agatha Christie where they tell you what happens in the end. Reading helped to switch off the brain but it had to be simple books because I easily lost the plot and would have to re-read paragraphs!! But it all helped to switch off the brain.

Agatha Christie books

My third turning point was giving up all stimulants and sugar and paying very close attention to avoiding all foods I am intolerant to.

Coffee beans roasted

My fourth turning point was taking Omega Oils – I take Essential Omegas from Higher Nature – 6 every day. I began to think better with less and less brain fog.

Essential Omegas

The fifth turning point was ginseng (korean). Ginseng is not a stimulant (as some people think) but is supportive especially to the adrenal glands and hormones.


The sleeping at night is restored to me if I do as my husband tells me and that is REST during the day.
Mind numbing TV programmes helped my brain to switch off. I have now progressed to mind-numbing TV programmes of a 2 or 3 hour duration twice a day and not all day.
If I have a busy day which basically doesn’t involve any rest I won’t be able to sleep at night.

Camomile tea has also helped me relax as well as Rooibos tea. And lavender essential oil is excellent – either on my pillow or on my body. I would have a bath in it too but bathing can be too exhausting and draining.

Pacing and stretching helps reduce the aches and pains.

One thought on “My ME

  1. I loved the bit re knowing the endings to books! I have ME and have just signed up to housebound books service, as although i can get to the mobile one, I can’t choose the books without getting ill, and this way they do it for me, with my list. I now have lots of easy reading as well as more difficult stuff.
    I take seeds for oils (soak them) and do think K ginseng is good – I use ‘ME77’ from Rainham health foods, as it has ginseng and liquorice and other useful herbs.

    I think your site looks very nice and is well designed. Good luck with your business.
    I hope you don’t think I got on here to promote this, but I’ve written a cookbook in aid of Action for ME you might like.. see my website. It’s not coming out till May.
    Best of luck with this! Jane Harries

    Hi Jane I looked at your website the other day and it is really lovely, I especially like your paintings! I am still in Spain helping my sister with our mother-in-law and not sure when I will get home so accessing my emails is a little problematical as I can’t get a signal for my laptop. I will include something on my website about your cook book as soon as I can. I have limited time on my sister’s computer you see!! Hope the launch goes well in May!

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