Government's advice on Salt

Just thought you might like to know the Government’s official advice on whether one should eat salt or avoid salt in our diet.

Here are the official links from the Food Standard’s Agency.

Salt versus Sodium: Salt, Sodium labelling

How much salt is healthy: How much salt to eat?

It is odd don’t you think, that the Government spend much time and money advertising the health hazards of salt and then change their advice without informing anyone.

Did you know that you really should eat 6 grams of salt a day to maintain health?  (Sea salt or Himalayan rock salt is best)

Salt is not bad for you.  S O D I U M is.

Sodium is found in A D D I T I V E S.

And we all know additives are bad for us.

Now the Government do too.

I wonder when they will ban them?

One thought on “Government's advice on Salt

  1. Just want to add to the article above that while salt contains sodium and the research shows that sodium raises blood pressure, salt also contains other minerals such as calcium, magnesium and other trace elements that help balance the sodium and its effectiveness in our bodies. I don’t believe that our bodies can consume too much salt, we simply don’t want it and avoid it when our body doesn’t need it. For example in the summer months particularly when it is hot I crave salty food, in the winter I avoid it.
    Sodium separated from its natural source is used in preserved meats and many, many other foods and sodium on its own without its natural counterparts it is grown with is the health hazard.
    The government’s advice for those with high blood pressure should be to avoid all foods with sodium in.

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