Is America totally insane?


Remember . . . what happens in America, happens here a few years later.

America’s FDA (Food and Drug administration) and it’s FTC (Federal Trade Commission) are censoring companies that claim and list health benefits for foods and herbs.  The company then has to remove the list of health benefits or risk being closed down.

How on earth can they justify that!

Of-course foods and herbs have health benefits and science is proving more and more.  But the point is the ignorant FDA and FTC should know that the very component that is used in drugs has come from a food source.  So we all know that food plays an essential, life-giving aspect to our health.  Naturally!  Of-course!  We need food for life.

Are they nuts?  They must be because all the chemically altered foods they do promote cause illness!  Mad, mad world!  Or is that the sole purpose of the FDA and FTC to promote unhealthy food so that individuals will seek medical drugs to help the problem the unhealthy food caused.

Ah! So that’s their little game!  Nearly as bad as the UK’s Food Standard’s Agency almost banning salt when it is the added sodium to preserved meats that is the cause of health problems from High Blood pressure to cancer.  Government Advice consume up to 6 grams of Salt a day

Here is the article from the Natural News website about yet another censure of another wonderful food – Pomegranates.

PS: Hush, hush, nod and a wink, and only on a need to know basis: 6 cherries a day will help arthritis and cure gout!  But you didn’t hear that from me!

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